Thorough and Thoughtful

As a first time home buyer, I was a little intimidated by the impression I had of what the purchase process entailed. Vedana quickly put my husband and I at ease, though, and walked us through each step in a clear way that made the transaction as simple as it could be. We were in a situation where we were buying the home we were already renting and what I really appreciated about Vedana’s approach is that she not only laid out the steps unique to our situation, but also educated us along the way of what would be happening if we were doing a conventional home purchase. So not only did she do a wonderful job helping us buy the home we already loved so much, but she gave us a well-rounded picture of how home purchasing works. We couldn’t have asked for a more thorough and thoughtful person to represent us. She was also straightforward, very responsive and fun, too, which makes me want to give her 10 stars if only that were an option. I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to buy or sell!